1980 Fiat 2000 Spider, Original Paint, Low Mileage Gem

Less than TBC Original Miles $11,101

“Very nice with only 36,945 miles from new. Original Dark Green paint. Books, records, original ”

Meet Piper… very attractive, 34 years old – and single. She still wears her original Dark Green paint and has only traveled 36,945 miles.

1980 Fiat 2000 Spider Convertible:

The vehicle was acquired as a late spring project for our 18 year old son to learn the lost art of operating manual transmission. This is a very worth while endeavor in my book – as the new driving generation simply does not have access to stick shift cars to experience the pleasure of driving.

Our son chose the make and model and I went to work looking for the things I find the most important in a vintage sports car. Original paint, no rust, low mileage, original books, records and when possible original family ownership. This car has all these things…

I found the car in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it had been sitting in a warehouse for several years – but still with its original owner. The car was purchased new in Dallas Texas, attended college with a family member in Tucson, Arizona, and eventually relocated to Utah. As these are all mild climate states, the body has no rust or rust bubbles and looks to have been garaged / warehoused / undercover most of its life. The original owner advised that other that a year or two in Tucson, the car was stored out of the elements. The cars overall original condition supports this. We also liked the rare and original Fiat ‘Dark Green’ paint, low mileage and clean tan interior.

Because the car had been sitting for some time, we renewed and restored the mechanicals. This included the engine cam belt and many hoses, belts, fuel injection system, engine management modules, brakes & rotors, clutch cable, fuel pump, fuel tank, ball joints, tie rods, plugs, wires, gaskets, seals, rubber bushings, wiper blades, all fluids …and more. The Air Conditioning system was also restored – the AC blows cold with a decent volume of air! Amazing, and comes in quite handy when really hot and you are trying not to melt with the top up. The car now starts, stops, shifts, turns and drives properly. And it does not drip oil! I am a bit anal when it goes to this. Receipts for all work done since we have had the car are included and is quiet extensive. The original owners manual, printed Fiat delivery materials and the original window sticker / Monroney label are also included. Very cool! As are maintenance receipts and invoices from the original owner that support the low mileage – and the slow accumulation of mileage over time.

Underway: the car idles nice, shifts smooth in all gears, has good even power and feels generally …silky. I believe this is largely due to the investment we made with the fuel injection – fuel delivery system, engine management modules and a new clean fuel tank. In my experience, if you are planning on buying an old car, start here if the car does not run smoothly. At speed the suspension is tight and does its job, but shows its technology age vs. modern cars with an occasional creak or cluck. We upgraded the swaybar bushings, tie rods, ball joints and such…which improved it a great deal. If I were to keep the car, I might invest in a set of four Koni Yellow struts which in addition to being new, are said to lower the car a touch – eliminating any remaining wheel well gap. This would enhance the stance even further as the car sits on the attractive new 15″ alloy wheels.

The original cosmetics have been revived – cleaned, polished and refreshed. As you can see in the photos the seats, door panels and interior bits are quite tidy. A new tan soft top was fitted, new electric power antenna installed, new seat belts were added (the originals would no longer retract) and new 15″ Dunlop tires sitting on 15″ gun metal grey alloy wheels were sourced (the original 13″ steel wheels & hubcaps and 13″ tires with good rubber can be included with the car). The original paint finish is in good condition with a nice shine. There was some minor paint imperfections that have been touched up and polished smooth. The paint is getting thin in a few areas, and is by no means perfect. But the paint is only original once and is IMO very – very nice all things considered. A dent repair specialist spent some time improving the body and only a few minor dents remain, but nothing major. The bumper chrome is very good in the front and ok in the rear with some chrome pealing way underneath and out of sight. The windshield and window glass are all in good condition.

At some point in the cars life (perhaps as an originally installed dealer option) tan body-side molding were installed. The molding was in poor condition and missing and pealing in a couple spots, so I removed it. Unfortunately the paint is discolored (darker) in a line where the body-side moldings were attached. I have sourced new period correct ‘buckskin colored’ body side moldings that will go with the car, but as a general rule I do not like the stuff and cannot bring myself to re-attach it to the car. I prefer the clean look without the molding. However, the new moldings would hide the discolored paint line – so I will leave the decision to install the body side molding up to the new owner…as many people like this look.

The interior appears to be mostly original and is tidy and clean. The wood facia and interior trim are in very nice shape. The tan carpets are new and in the correct corn-row-pattern, and protected by 4 new black Fiat logo floor mats. The center console near the hand brake is original, soft and clean, but does have a few splits in the material. This can be seen in one of the interior images. The dash is clean and has a dash cap. The original standard equipment Italian Quarzo clock works and actually keeps great time! The lights, gauges, turn signals, horn, hazards, wipers, and modern Dual CD & radio all function as they should (the radio has an ipod / MP3 conection – the wire is currently hidden behind the switch blank, just to the right of the radio). The windshield washers are not functioning. The heater & defoster blower motor works, as do the center console lever controls – but I did notice the heater air did not blow very hot. I would assume it would warm the cabin or defrost the windshield, but I cannot confirm that. Please know this in advance, should this be of high importance to you.

The car gets many compliments due to its condition, color and stance. Our son is now off to college…without wheels. He learned how to drive stick shift and had a great summer experiencing the joys of top down motoring.

The car is all ready for you to twist the key and enjoy.

Any questions, or if you would like to speak with me about this car – please call Ken @ 714-432-8482.

Britalia Motorsport LLC

Specializing in Sports Cars with British Charm & Italian Style

I am a license and bonded dealer in California. If this vehicle is sold to a California resident and/or if delivery of this vehicle is taken (car is driven) in the state of California, I will need to collect a document fee, sales tax, and registration fees. If shipped out of state, the buyer is responsible for registration, taxes and fees in their home state. All easy, routine and required. I have 100% perfect ebay feedback – as your satisfaction is important to me and my sports car endeavors. All cars are restored to my high standards and are experienced and enjoyed by me prior to resale…hey, someone has to do it!

This 34 year old car is sold with “no warranty” and “as is” condition.

I am happy to assist you with your shipping arrangements.

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