1980 Triumph TR8

Less than Taunton, MA Original Miles $13,995

This is a wonderful 1980 Triumph TR8 with less than 49,000 original miles.
Fast and fun to drive, the TR8 was the British company’s swan song – launched a year prior to leaving the US market. With only 2750 manufactured, the TR8 was the last new model and arguably the most use-able Triumph ever built. The big selling feature of this sports car is of course factory fitment of the 3.5 liter Buick-Rover V8 engine. In addition, the TR8 offered more powerful brakes, unique wheels and other exclusive trim items.

This example is very clean, receiving both a cosmetic and mechanical restoration. Full books and records, with documented repairs and maintenance over the years indicate pride in ownership. Re-sprayed in the original Poseidon Green Metallic, the rust free car now looks outstanding. I believe green is one of the best colors on a TR8. The bumpers and black trim also received attention, so the entire exterior of the car looks fresh and factory correct. The original wheels have been repainted silver and fitted with brand new Yokohama street and track tires (all five) – the same model tire supplied on the new Lotus Exige. The Vin on the car is: TPV0V8AT211173.

The interior of the car has also been reconditioned with new seating surfaces and new carpeting. The door panels are original and in very nice shape. All interior and exterior lighting works properly and the Air Conditioning blows cold. The dash, steering wheel, center console and related interior trim are all clean and in great condition. A brand new black Robbins top (with zipper-fold rear window) was recently installed and the convertible top boot looks good. Black Triumph laurel logo floor mats are included.

Mechanically the starter, alternator and carburetors have been rebuilt. A new battery was fitted and the pop up headlamps received new diodes and open and close nicely. All hoses and belts have been inspected – replacing the ones needing replacing. In a effort to curb oil leaks, the front crankshaft seal was replaced and the cam cover gaskets were both renewed. This went a long way to resolve the issue – but a little oil still finds a way to escape. The 5-speed manual transmission shifts smooth, the clutch action is nice, the brakes work well and the suspension and steering are tight. The vehicle has passed a recent California smog inspection – so it is ready to go.

The exhaust on the car was fine, but I found the sound coming from the engine to be somewhat quite for a V8. Ted, of TS Imported Automotive (out of Ohio I believe) supplied me with a set of exhaust pipes running from the cats straight back. This eliminated the rear mufflers (…which I still have should someone want them). Now the car has a nice rumble and a very pleasing exhaust note, while not being over bearing.

The car drives wonderful. The engine feels strong all the time; it pushes you back into the seat and puts a smile on your face. It is also a very easy car to live with – it is easy to drive in traffic, the controls and shifting require minimal effort and the A/C is available should you need it to stay comfortable. Then, when you want to play – you feel connected with the car. It responds to your demands, handles very well, stops great, sounds wonderful and just flat out feels good. The TR8 is a great all around Sports Car, and I now understand why it has such a loyal following of enthusiastic owners. I was simply trying to re-live / retrace my youth – and I feel like stubbled upon a great little automotive secret…

From front to back this is a very nice car. A lot of money has been invested to improve the appearance of this car. Reviewing the service and maintenance records – this TR8 has been very well cared for its entire life and recently it received whatever it needed mechanically. This is a true collector car. A fun, light weight convertible with a powerful V8 engine in a great color combination. A car you can be truly proud of.

Information, rules and legal mumbo jumbo:

I am small licensed and bonded Sports Car dealer in Costa Mesa, CA. I also have a real job. This is more fun. I am a bit anal and over the top about the quality of every car I buy, restore and offer for sale. I start with the best examples I can find and thoroughly recondition my cars from front to back.

All Britalia Motorsport vehicles are loved like a museum piece and exercised prior to sale. Hey, someone has to do it!

I have a clear California title for this vehicle in my company name. The car has been smogged, serviced and it is ready to go. This vehicle is sold “as is” and without a warranty of any kind.

This TR8 is now 28 years old. It is very, very nice, but ‘it is not perfect’. Seeing a car with your own eyeballs is always the best. If this cannot happen, I will assist you anyway I can. My ebay feedback is 100%. I have sold cars to people site un-seen and I have never had an unhappy client. I am told I do a proper job describing the vehicles I sell – so please bid with confidence.

I would be happy to describe the vehicle to you – please call me for more detailed information. Communication is key. If you ask me a question I will do my best to answer it in a timely manner. If you bid and win this auction, please communicate with me quickly – it is the key to success.

If you are interested in making me an offer to purchase, simply call me: Ken @ 714-432-8482.

Because I am a dealer I am required to collect sales tax & registration fees if the vehicle is delivered in California (driven in California). If you are from another state outside of California, taxes and registration fees are your responsibility, in your location, and I will need to ship the car to you – or at least across the state line. I require a Bill of Lading from a license carrier – to prove the vehicle was shipped out of state. (These are not my rules – call me to discuss this if necessary). If you are from California, a $65 smog fee will be collected. A $50 document fee will be collected on all transactions.

I have used a number of different shipping companies and can assist in helping you choose a quality carrier. Vehicle shipping expenses are the responsibility of the winning bidder / buyer.

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