1978 Triumph Spitfire

Less than Lisle, IL Original Miles $10,500

Squeaky clean, sorted and a blast to drive, this little beast is as fun to play with as it is to look at. This is my second Spitfire and the vehicle allowed me to re-live memories of my senior year in college – when a Spitfire was my sole means of transportation. What could go wrong…?

I found the car out of Tucson, AZ were it had been living for the past several years. I completed multiple cosmetic refurbishments, like new seat foams and some minor paint repairs. Mechanically, worn out parts were fitted and the electronics were reviewed to allow all accessories and lighting to function again.

Seemed like such a simple project… A couple trouble free weeks later, returning from lunch with a co-worker, we were zipping south on the 405 when a rod bearing went Kah-Bluie!

The engine was rebuilt by Viking Motorsports of Costa Mesa. While the motor was out of the car, it seemed like a good time to upgrade to an overdrive transmission. I believe his was a $250 option back in the 70,s! For this sum, it seems like they all should have had it standard. parental blocker . This feature transforms the little car and makes driving on the highway, much more comfortable.

The project was completed with new tires, a new battery, and new fluids and filters – whatever was needed. The vehicle is now all done and ready to enjoy. It looks and drives amazing.

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